Watching on your TV or streaming online won’t necessarily allow you to replicate the raucous atmosphere likely in store at the Pete Dye design hard by Lake Michigan. But it will let you catch all of the action over the three days as the U.S. tries to win for just the third time since 1999.

NBC Sports will be broadcasting from the first tee shot on Friday morning to the final putt on Sunday across its various platforms. In addition to primary coverage on Golf Channel and NBC, featured group coverage will be shown on and the Ryder Cup app, following an individual match in the morning and afternoon waves on Friday and Saturday and early singles match on Sunday.

It’s natural that you might want to watch the Ryder Cup 2021 live stream from your home country, but what if you’re not there when the players tee off?

Look no further than a VPN, or virtual private network. A VPN makes it look as if you’re surfing the web from your home country, rather than the one you’re in. That means you can access the streaming services you already pay for, from anywhere on Earth. Or anywhere that has an internet connection, at least.

Watch Ryder Cup

For instance, a Brit who’s currently in the U.S. could watch the Ryder Cup live stream on Sky Sports, even though they’re not in the U.K.

They’re totally legal, inexpensive, and easy to use. We’ve tested lots of the best VPN services and our favorite right now is ExpressVPN. It’s fast, works on loads of devices, and even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To watch all the action on network TV, you’ll need both NBC and the Golf Channel. That’s because the first day’s action will air exclusively on the Golf Channel, with NBC taking over on Saturday and Sunday. To get NBC, you need one of the best TV antennas, while you need a cable package for the Golf Channel.

But if you’ve cut the cord you have other options, because the Ryder Cup 2021 will also air on NBC’s streaming service Peacock. The free Peacock service will feature coverage of featured groups, while Peacock Premium ($4.99/month) and the ad-free Premium Plus ($9.99/month) will have simulcasts of the Golf Channel/NBC broadcasts.

Alternatively, you could watch the Ryder Cup 2021 on Sling or FuboTV, as both have NBC and the Golf Channel.

The Sling Blue package costs just $35 per month and comes with more than 30 channels including NBC. Plus, right now Sling is offering a 30-day trial for the bargain price of $10. You’ll have to pay for the Sports Extra add-on to also get the Golf Channel, though.

Fubo.TV costs $65 per month but gives you more than 117 channels, including NBC and the Golf Channel.

If you already use those services but aren’t in the U.S. right now, you can watch the Ryder Cup 2021 live streams by using a VPN such as ExpressVPN.


Over the Air Antennas

It is an authentic way to watch golf for free. However, we will not say it is completely free. You have to spend some money to buy the antenna which you can set in your home if that is already you didn’t have. As a result, you can connect to the local channels for free. Before buying it, you have to make sure NBC or Golf Channel is available in your area.

How to Watch Ryder Cup 2021 Live Stream on Amazon Fire TV?

Watching the Ryder Cup on Amazon Fire TV is easy. You can do this through a third-party streaming site. You will need an account on any of the services we have mentioned above. After that, install the app on Amazon Fire TV and start to watch anything you want.

How to Watch 2021 Ryder Cup Live Online on Apple TV?

Just like the Amazon Fire TV process, we have explained above. Apple TV also follows the same. Subscribers have to add streaming services on Apple TV. After that, they have to log in to that service via Apple TV.

Can I Watch Ryder Cup 2021 Live Streaming on Roku?

Since Roku is a TV streaming supporting player, you will need a third-party service such as YouTube, Hulu, etc. to watch anything on Roku. If you don’t have any third-party subscription and want to have one, Sling will be best for you. Sling offers a lucrative deal! Any Sling subscriber will get the Roku device with any sling packages.

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