How to Watch Ryder Cup 2021 Live Stream Online

Matches of the 43rd Ryder Cup will be held between 25 and 27th September in the United States at the Whistling Straits Golf Course, WI. This suburb is situated in Haven, Wisconsin. The Whistling Straits is a great place for different golf matches. The Ryder Cup is organized every 3 years, fighting the best golfers of Europe against America. NBC and Golf Channels will air the “Ryder Cup Live Stream” from Le Golf National.

After the contest of 1997, it is the second Ryder Cup in Continental Europe. The previous cup was organized in Spain. The defending champion the US has lost the last five competitions in Europe. In 1993, he won its last match.

The host course of Ryder Cup rotates between Europe and the US until now Irish and UK courses are dominated. It is a biennial golf competition between men teams from the United States and Europe. This event is equally famous in Europe and the US. Their number and construction are enough to understand the popularity of the Ryder Cup. During this open championship, there will be a time difference between the United Kingdom and America. It offers a rare opportunity for golf fans of America to watch live.

You can find several golf courses in the US and Europe. If you can’t be glued to the screen to view Ryder Cup 2021, you can stream it online. Several online streaming options are available to watch Ruder Cup 2021, such as Spotlight, featured hokes, and featured pairing options. You can watch expert commentary and highlights. Coverage for the full event is also available via the Golf Channel app and digital channel of golf. Moreover, will help you to find more sources to watch online coverage.

EventRyder Cup
Start Date24th September 2021
End Date26th September 2021
VenueWhistling Straits
LocationWhistling Straits Golf Course, WI
CaptainsSteve Stricker (USA)
Pádraig Harrington (Europe)
Live StreamWatch Here
TV NetworkNBC

Ryder Cup Live Stream 2021 – Official Channels

The matches of the Ryder Cup were covered by a particular channel BBC, whether in the US or Britain. With the passage of time, other names were heavily involved in the sports: Sky Sports, ABC, USA Network, ESPN, NBC, etc.

You can enjoy a live stream of the Ryder Cup on different channels. Browse the official website of Ryder Cup to catch each moment of this sport.

2021 Ryder Cup Live Streaming Guide

The Ryder Cup 2021 will be live on The event will be broadcasted by Golf Channel, NBC by NBC Sports Group. If you want to watch live stream official channels for Ryder Cup 2021, here are some options:

  • Select a channel that has right to stream this game. (see a few options below).
  • Sign up for a channel and get a free trial with this streaming service.
  • Watch online sports without any cable or monthly subscription.
  • If you want to keep this service, you have to pay a monthly fee. You can cancel this service anytime.

These are few popular channels to enjoy a live stream of the Ryder Cup 2021.

Official Broadcaster

You can get the latest information on Ryder Cup 2021 on its official website, RyderCup.Com. Watch live coverage of all matches on the official broadcaster.

On this broadcaster, you can view news, rankings of a team, and buy tickets. The website contains top news and highlights of each event for the fan of golf.

Ryder Cup Live Stream


NBC (National Broadcasting Company) is a commercial television network. You can watch all episodes of classic and current shows online. The channel provides almost 87 hours of regular schedule each week.

You can watch 22 hours of programming in prime time to affiliated stations on particular days. The News programming of NBC includes interviews and news programs. You can get highlights of your favorite sports.

It allows you to catch each event, particular highlights, and videos of previous championships. Sports programming is available on weekend afternoons. It can be an excellent platform for golf fans to catch each event of Ryder cup 2021.


CBS is a famous commercial television network for CBS TV, online video, soap opera, watch TV, NCIS, Big Brother, and several other shows.

The company is referred to as an “Eye Network” because of its logo. To catch each moment of the Ryder Cup, you can get access to its live stream.

To get access to its exclusive transmission, you have to sign in and get one week free. If you can afford it, try all access to CBD and open the door to unlimited entertainment.


Fox news or fox sports is an American-based channel for news, games, and entertainment. Fox Now allows you to get live coverage of sports events and other news. You can watch your favorite events on this channel or visit their website at your convenience.

On their website, you can access live TV, movies, and shows. The site allows you to watch highlights of previous events.

Golf Channel

For the latest golf news, there is nothing better than Golf Channel. A cable network provides live coverage, updated information, videos, and news of major tours. This satellite television network is working in the ownership of NBC Sports.

Enthusiastic fans of golf must visit this website and get access to live TV and Golf Now. You can catch live updates, live streams of PGA tours, photos, and videos of old events. With Golf Now, you can get information about hot deals around you in popular golf clubs.

PGA Tour Live

For live streaming and live play-by-play coverage of games, analysis of tournaments, and interviews of players, you must visit PGA Tour Live. You can subscribe to this site and get live coverage of the biggest stars of golf. For Ryder Cup 2021, there is nothing better than PGA Tour Live.

How to Watch Ryder Cup Live Online Free?

Fortunately, some live sources allow you to enjoy a free online championship. You will need reliable internet to explore these channels. For instance, you can see live coverage on Facebook or Twitter.

If you want to watch all matches without spending more than $100 on the monthly subscription of cable, here are some reliable options for you.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now can be an excellent way for the fans of golf to access live streaming of golf from home or other places. It allows you to avoid monthly cable subscriptions. The service starts at $35/month and provides you unrestricted access to 60+ channels.

With large packages, you can get access to 120+ packages. You can use computers, smartphones, or streaming players to use this service.


Just like DirectTV Now, you can get the same benefits on this channel. You have to get a monthly subscription that is cheaper than a cable network. You can look for a live stream of golf, NBC, Golf Channel, FS1, ESPN, and ESPN2.

These channels will provide you access to almost all golf tournaments, including Players Championship, Ryder Cup, British Open, and the US Open.


With this news streaming service, you can get access to critical channels of golf. You can watch more than 40 live channels without cable TV.

Its subscription starts from $35/month and allows you to stream golf legally and efficiently. For the fans of golf, key channels are NBC, NBCSN, Golf Channel, FS2, and FS1. This service is flexible and affordable to stream your favorite games.

Hulu TV

Hulu allows you to enjoy online movies and TV shows. You can stream famous movies, SNL, and famous movies.

Hulu provides you all the TV programs in a place. Feel free to start your free trial and get access to movies, shows, and sports. The plans are starting at almost $7.99 per month.  The CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and HBO are available on Hulu as add-ons.

PS Vue

PS Vue (Play Station Vue) is a famous TV service for live streaming. You will get live access to news, sports, and your favorite TV shows.

With sports, news, and local channels, there are lots of things available with their multiplanes. You can choose a monthly program at your convenience.

It is a flexible option because you can cancel this subscription at any time at your convenience.

Sling TV

For enthusiastic fans of golf, Sling TV is also a great option. You can access streaming services, watch online golf tournaments and get access to your favorite sports channel.

You can get its subscription for $20 per month without any contract. It allows you to cancel this subscription anytime. With a basic plan, you can view 30+ channels like CNN, HGTV, AMC, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3.


The cheapest and convenient option is YouTube. You can get a free subscription and watch videos of old and new golf matches.

You can subscribe to the Golf Channel of YouTube to get access to original series, interviews, expert advice, analysis, etc. YouTube also provides a subscription to live events.

You have to search for a suitable Golf Channel on YouTube to watch Ryder Cup 2021.

Watch Ryder Cup on Roku, Fire TV, KODI, or Chromecast

To declutter your media center, there are some media streaming devices. These tiny devices are specialized for their small footprint, and you can plug them into your screen. Some important devices are Chromecast, KODI, Fire TV, and Roku.

These devices allow you to stream your favorite sports. You can choose any one of them as per your affordability and availability in your area.


Roku is a famous streaming player that makes it easy for you to stream entertainment, sports, music, and movies. This player is a cost-effective and convenient option to watch TV. You have to connect it to the Internet and set up an account to stream your favorite content.

Fire TV

Five TV allows you to connect to the massive world of unlimited entertainment. With HDR TVand 4K HD (Ultra), you can watch thousands of TV episodes and movies. You can get the advantage of voice search to find your favorite programs.


It is an open media for unlimited entertainment. Kodi allows you to connect with others in the community. You can tweak and customize your entertainment setup with Kodi. With this streaming device, it will be easy for you to get access to live Ryder cup 2021.


Chromecast is a famous digital player by Google. This device allows users with a personal computer or mobile. You will need a web app to set up this device and support the technology of Google Cast. It allows you to stream your favorite games, especially Ryder Cup 2020.

Ryder Cup Live Streaming using VPN

If you don’t have access to Ryder Cup 2021 in your area, you can access this adventurous championship via VPN (a virtual private network).

When you open a website via VPN Serve, the website thinks that you are in another country because of a different IPS. You will stay secure and safe. Here are some simple steps to stream Ryder cup via VPN:

Choose a top VPN for sports; you can choose ExpressVPN because it offers strong privacy, reliability, and the best speeds.

After subscribing to a VPN, you can get access to the download area. You can download the versions of VPN software that you require for your platforms, such as Linux, Android VPN, iOS VPN, Windows, and OS X.

After installing a VPN, you have to connect to one of the available services.

Now you are relaxed and free to stream any sports, such as Ryder Cup 2021.

Express VPN

It is one of the best VPNs to get access to the sports channel. It allows you to amplify the whole internet. It is an ultra-secure platform with high speed.

Access to Express VPN is available with a money-back guarantee for 30 days. You can use it with Linux, Routers, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It is easy to download and install a VPN with a push of a button.

Nord VPN

You can get the internet without any border. It provides complete privacy, internet freedom, and advanced security. The service is available with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With Nord VPN, it will be easy for you to encrypt your online activity and protect private data from snoopy advertisers and hackers. With this VPN, you can get the advantage of global connectivity.

Private VPN

With a private VPN, you can unblock almost anything without any fear. It is the fastest VPN to keep your details private and allow you to browse at the speed of light.

It allows you to unleash the internet in 60 seconds on a router, tablet, smartphone, or computer. The app is free from complicated setup and coding. You can download its app and start using it.

For Mobile User

Mobile users can stream their favorite sports by browsing different websites. Several channels have their apps for smartphone users. You can download these applications on your phone and watch your favorite championships.

Various apps are free for mobile users or available at a nominal price. It will be a cheaper option than a yearly or monthly subscription to cable TV

Social Media

There are several powerful platforms of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc. Almost all sports channels have their social media pages.

You can subscribe to these pages free and get updates of live events, players, and highlights. If you have social media accounts, just log in to them and search the pages for your favorite sports.

With some effort, you can get access to reliable sources to watch Ryder cup 2021. Some other sources like Twitter and Reddit offer comments, updates, and highlights of the sports.


Facebook is a popular social media to get updates and highlights of any sports. You can search some pages to get a live stream of Ryder Cup 2021.

You can access the Facebook page of a sports channel and get updates on an event. If you know true fans of the Ryder Cup, you can follow their Facebook pages. They will share videos and photographs of this sport.


Twitter is famous for live updates. You can follow particular pages for Ryder Cup 2021. These pages will give you live updates or links to stream online events.

On Twitter, you can stay in touch with your favorite players of the Ryder Cup.


YouTube is a dominant medium to watch your favorite programs. On YouTube, you can stream several events, updates, interviews, and unofficial moments.

Some fans have a special meeting with their favorite players, and they often share the videos of these meetings on YouTube. It will be an excellent platform to enjoy several moments of Ryder Cup 2021.


Reddit is a great channel for the aggregation of social news. You can become a part of a discussion, text posts, images, and links.

You can join a community for Ryder Cup and get updates, views of fans, and other essential details. After becoming a part of the Reddit community, you can get the latest news and images of this event.

Best option to watch Ryder Cup Live Stream Free Online

There are several options to watch the Ryder cup live free online. You can visit Golf Channel, CBSSports, the official website, Fox Now, and several other channels to watch this transmission live.

Some VPNs and online channels are available to get access to the live Ryder Cup. Subscription to these online channels is cheaper than a subscription to a cable network. Feel free to get a subscription to any of these channels.

Everything you need to know about Ryder Cup

France takes center stage for Ryder Cup 2021. The event is arriving in Paris, and it is the best place to have an adventurous round of golf.

The event will be held at the Nation Le Golf. The course of Albatros will be the central place where the teams will fight for a trophy. The course is almost 20 miles (32km) southwest of the city center of Paris.

Ryder Cup Live Leaderboard

The Ryder Cup 2021 is approaching, and fans of golf are anxiously waiting for this event. Once the game starts, you will get a chance to access top scores and leading competitors.

You will get access to a scoreboard that shows the name of the event and updated scores. Visit the official platform to gain access to the live leaderboard.

Ryder Cup Live Updates

Live updates of the ryders cup will be available on sports channels, especially the golf channels. After getting a subscription to online channels, you can get live updates of Ryder cup 2021. Stay tuned to get live updates and highlights of this event.

Ryder Cup 2021 Format

The 2021 Ryder Cup consists of a match play incident, and each match carries one point. The format of the game is as follows:

  • Friday (Day 1): 4 alternate shot (foursome) games and four better balls (fourball) matches
  • Saturday (Day 2): Foursome 4 games &fourball four matches
  • Sunday (Day 3): 12 singles games

The initial two days of the competition feature foursome and four-ball matches. The home captain can determine this order. The third day will consist of 12 singles matches.

In four-balls, every member of a team containing two members plays his particular ball, so four shots will be in play for each hole. Every team counts the lowermost of two scores on every hole. The team with the lowest score will win a hole. If there is a tie-in low score, the hole will be halved.

In the case of the foursome, every team of two-man plays a ball for each hole with the team players taking turns to complete each hole. Players hit tee shots alternatively, with leading off holes in odd numbers. The other may hit on even-numbered golf holes. The team with the lowest score on every hole wins a hole. If there is a tie-in score, the hole will be halved.

In the case of singles, every match has a player from every team. A player with a lower score on every hole wins this hole. If there is a tie, the hole will be halved.

Contrasting stroke play, the player may not require to complete every hole in a match. If the player concedes one stroke, almost a putt – to the opponent, the rival picks up the ball, takes a point on the next stroke, and move toward the subsequent hole.

Ryder Cup team qualification and selection

Here is a particular criterion to qualify for the American and European teams of the Ryder Cup. The qualification points for Ryder Cup 2020 are multiplied by 1.5. It is an essential part of the qualification procedure. The commencing point may be the PGA BMW championship 2020.

The points for Ryder Cup qualifications can be obtained from tournaments staged in Rolex Series between 2017 and 2021.

Qualification for a team is changed to 4 players for the European Ryder Cup. Four wildcard preferences are essential for Bjorn captain and four from the list of Ryder Cup.

Team Europe

Qualification rules for the European team were broadcasted on 18th January 2017. These rules have some changes as compared to the regulations of 2016 with a rise in the number of choices of captain from 3 to 4. The team consists of:

Leading 4 Players on the Ryder Cup Race

Points of the Races to Dubai tournaments from D+D Czech Real Masters 2017 and end with a tournament Made in Denmark 2021. It will finish on 2nd September 2021. The points received from the PGA BMW Championship 2021 are multiplied by 1.5.

Four Leading Players on the Point List of World

These are total points earned in the Official Golf ranking world events commencing on August 31, 2017. Points from BMW PGA 2021 championship will be multiplied by 1.5. There will be no points from tournaments presented opposite to matches of Rolex Series 2017 to 2021.

Team United States

Qualification rules for the team of the United States were announced on February 8th, 2017. The maximum team will be selected from the points list of the Ryder Cup that is based on the prize money in essential tournaments. Typically, a point is bestowed for each $1,000 earned. The team may consist of:

  • Leading eight players on the point list of Ryder cup, gained in these events:
  • Major championship 2017
  • Golf championship of world 2017 events and a half point for the player’s tournament
  • Main championships 2021 (dual points for winners, 50 percent extras for people making the cut

PGA Tour 2021 events. Qualifying events in the category are played between January 1 and August 12, 2021, the date for the championship of PGA. It also includes Classic Zurich of Orleans’s new team event. Substitute events (played opposite to WGC event or a major) don’t earn points.

Picks of Four Captain

Three captains announced after Championship of Dell Technologies 2021 that concludes on 3rd September

A captain is announced after the BMW Championship 2021 that will conclude on 9th September

The rules of qualification were similar for the Ryder Cup 2016. The points will be provided for the major championship of the current season. It may be decreased from double to 50 percent extra (other than winners who can get double points).

Ryder Cup 2021 Teams

See the point list for Ryder Cup 2021 teams:

  • Tyrrell Hatton: 3,067,729pts (Eng)
  • Justin Rose: 2,772,866 (Eng)
  • Ross Fisher: 1,553,672 (Eng)
  • Matt Fitzpatrick: 1,441,591 (Eng)
  • Jon Rahm: 1,408,058 (Esp)
  • Tommy Fleetwood: 1,244,213 (Eng)
  • Paul Dunne: 1,077,300 (Irl)
  • Sergio Garcia: 1,035,999 (Esp)
  • Shane Lowry: 1,007,090 (Irl)
  • Rafa Cabrera Bello: 1,002,580 (Esp)


Thomas Bjorn is a captain for captain from Europe on December 6, 2016. A panel of 5 men selected him made up of 3 of the current Ryder Cup European captains (Jose Maria Olazabal, Paul, and Darren Clarke), the European Tour chief executive, Keith Pelley, and the member of European tournament committee Henrik Stenson.

For the USA, Jim Furyk is the new captain.


Every captain chooses some vice-captain for his assistance during this tournament.

Bjorn selected his first vice-captain in 2017 May “Robert Karlsson”. In 2021 May, he picked four other voice captains: Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowell, Padraig Harrington, and Luke Donald.

Jim Furyk selected Davis Love III to act as his vice-captain in 2017 January. He also added Tiger Woods and Steve Sticker to this list in 2021 February.

Who will win the 2021 Ryder Cup?

Tiger Woods may miss the weekend at the U.S. Captain of American Ryder Jim Furyk holds a chance that Woods may swap the earpiece of his assistance to play uniform participants in Paris.

Furyk is a step ahead in projecting the subsequent stage of the latest comeback of woods. After finishing the initial two rounds at four-over, Furyk said that he honestly believes that he is going to win this tournament in 2021.


There is no introduction to prize money in Ryder Cup for the participants. The prize money may vary because the money is collected from the sale of tickets and donations. The price of the ticket may vary, such as $180 or even more.


You can buy tickets for Ryder cup 2021 online from Tickets are available online in the following order:

  • Tuesday: The teams will practice at Le Golf National. The ticket for adults over 17 will be available in €45.00 and Junior (6 to 16) €10.00.
  • Wednesday: The players will ramp up practices on a course. The fans can focus on the game. Tickets for adults (17+) is €45.00, and Junior (6 to 16) is €10.00.
  • Thursday: It will be the last chance for practice before the opening ceremony. Ticket for concert entry costs €80.00 for adults and Junior (6 to 16) for €10.00.


Apparel for Ryder Cup 2021 is available online. You can get hats, t-shirts, polos, hats from Ryder cups, shirts, and jackets. Before going to Ryder Cup 2021, shop your collectibles to get ready for this significant event.

Travel Package

Official travel packages combine your official tickets, daily transfers, and accommodation. With special packages, you can get the advantage of exclusive travel services. You can get the details of the packages at

Final Words

Ryder Cup 2021 is a famous event for golfers. The event of 2021 will be held in France. You can stream this event live on different channels, websites or use VPNs to get access to live transmission.

You should get tickets in advance from an official source. Some unofficial sources are offering tickets. Keep it in mind that the organizers of Ryder cups reserve the right to refuse the entry of a person with unauthorized tickets. If you have purchased tickets from other sources, you must check with them on their official website

One can find online streaming on this website. So, don’t forget to visit RyderCupGolflive.Com one more time and watch your favorite golf event with us. 

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